Thursday, May 19, 2016

Drink responsibly

reusable cups
Heading to Green T Coffee House or any of the other fine beverage-serving establishments in Roslindale? Think green and bring a reusable cup!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Court puts state’s feet to the fire on carbon emissions

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that the state is not doing enough to comply with the Massachusetts' Global Warming Solutions Act, which requires the state to make meaningful and measurable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The ruling, in response to a suit brought by the Conservation Law Foundation and the Mass Energy Consumers Alliance, could result in stricter emissions controls for vehicles and power plants.


State not doing enough to curb greenhouse gas emissions, court rules

Global Warming Solutions Act Background

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

West Roxbury pipeline battle heats up

Construction has resumed on the West Roxbury Lateral pipeline. Find out about the latest developments in the ongoing efforts to stop the pipeline.

The urgency of stopping the pipeline was underscored last week by an explosion of another Spectra pipeline:
Company promising safe gas pipeline in West Roxbury has Pennsylvania pipeline explode; house destroyed, resident burned

Here’s how some people are stepping up:
Four more arrested in West Roxbury as pipeline work resumes

Maker Mobs for 2016

Spring is here, which means it’s time for Maker Mobs! Think barnraising but on a smaller scale: raised-bed gardens, garden sheds, etc. Learn how to use tools, build things, and make our community more sustainable by cultivating and passing on skills.

If you’re interested in participating as a helper, project organizer, project leader or recipient, sign up here.

We’re having a planning meeting on Wednesday, May 11. If you’re interested in participating in the planning process, let us know on the sign-up form.

These photos are from a maker mob last year where we built three raised-that garden boxes and learned carpentry skills.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Carbon tax: the only way forward on climate change

Without a carbon tax, we're on course to pour more carbon into the atmosphere.
By Eric Smalley

Activists and researchers have long known that putting a solid price on carbon emissions is critical in the struggle to put the brakes on human-caused climate change. Thanks to a research paper by some of the country’s leading energy and environmental economists, we now know that a tax on carbon emissions is not the best tool we have. It’s the only one.

The paper, “Will We Ever Stop Using Fossil Fuels?,” published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives, makes the case that the dropping prices of renewable energy sources are being outpaced by the dropping prices of fossil fuels, and absent new taxes on carbon emissions the world will continue to use fossil fuels.

New extraction methods have made fossil fuels cheaper and increased the amount of oil and gas we can access. U.S. oil reserves expanded 59 percent and natural gas reserves expanded 94 percent between 2000 and 2014. We have consistently had about 50 years’ worth of accessible oil and natural gas reserves over the last 30 years. Global consumption of oil rose 7.5 percent, coal 24 percent and natural gas 20 percent from 2005 through 2014.

The authors of the paper are Christopher Knittel of MIT and Michael Greenstone and Thomas Covert of the University of Chicago. Greenstone was President Obama’s first Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors.

“You often hear, when fossil fuel prices are going up, that if we just leave the market alone we’ll wean ourselves off fossil fuels. But the message from the data is clear: That’s not going to happen any time soon,” Knittel told the MIT News Office.

To learn about getting a carbon emissions tax passed in Massachusetts, come to a presentation by State Senator Michael Barrett at the West Roxbury police station at 7 pm on Monday, April 11.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Roslindale Village (Walkable) Film Series

Check out the first Roslindale Village (Walkable) Film Series sponsored by WalkUP Roslindale in partnership with GreeningRozzie. The series is free. The first film is Holding Ground, a cautionary tale of urban policies gone wrong in Roxbury in 1985, and a message of hope for all American cities.

GreeningRozzie is sponsoring the last film in the series, This Changes Everything on Saturday, May 7 at 2 pm.

When: Thursday, March 3, 2016, 6:30 pm
Where: a private home on South Street
More Info and RSVP: see

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Massachusetts to tackle plastic bag pollution

By Pam Sinotte

What do Brookline, California and Hawaii have in common? Each has enacted laws to reduce plastic bag pollution – and now we in the state of Massachusetts have the opportunity to do the same.

Trees festooned with plastic bags may not be very appealing, but the problem of plastic bags goes much deeper than the visuals. Consider this:
  • 100 billion single-use plastic bags are used each year in the United States, and Massachusetts alone uses 4.2 billion.
  • The 700 billion plastics bags used in the world each year contribute to global warming and climate disruption via fossil fuel energy used to produce and transport them and carbon emissions as they decompose.
  • Plastic bag pollution in our oceans causes $13 billion in marine damage yearly.
There are four bills in the Massachusetts legislature’s Committee on the Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture to reduce single-use plastic bags. The bills differ slightly, but all deserve our support. They are H. 663 – An Act to reduce plastic bag pollution (submitted by Rep. Lori Ehrlich), H. 739 – An Act relative to plastic bag reduction (by Rep. Denise Provost), S. 406 An Act relative to plastic bag reduction (by Sen. James Eldridge), and S. 434 – An Act to prohibit plastic carry-out bags by 2019 (by Sen. Brian Joyce). To read these bills in their entirety, go to

Please email, call and/or write your state elected officials and ask them to support these bills in the Committee. Ask that these bills be sent to the Joint Ways and Means Committee. You can find elected officials’ addresses at Please ask your friends to join the effort, and stay tuned for updates from GreeningRozzie.