Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ever built a mobile community workspace?

GreeningRozzie is starting a great new project - the Rozzie GreenMobile, a mobile community workspace.

In the last few years we’ve come up with great projects that require a space to meet, store materials, hold workshops and be accessible to the different communities that make up Roslindale.

We think the key to realizing these projects is a mobile community workspace. We know that this kind of mobile workspace can be successful because one of our board members, Beth Ireland, is part of the collaborative art team Turning Around America, a mobile education project that brings art education to underserved communities. The Turning Around America team created the Mobile Work Shop, a van with a full woodworking shop and living space, and Sanctuary, a sustainable trailer that’s also a 2D art studio.

Picture something like this!
The Rozzie GreenMobile will allow us to practice our sustainability mission in a practical application – outfitting a used step van with solar panels, a passive solar heater made from recycled materials, and exterior fold-down workbenches that will enable us to bring projects to every corner of our community. It will be a constant presence in our community reminding everyone that we can lower our carbon footprint in fun, innovative, creative ways.

The mobile space will allow us to store materials for tool and seed swaps, tree and garden workshops, and projects at the farmers market.

We’re mobilizing for this project now. Please join us! Let us know if you have any interest in building, fundraising for, documenting, and using a Rozzie Mobile Community Space.

Want some inspiration? Check out the Turning Around America Sanctuary mobile workshop and sustainable trailer.

Please join us.

- Amy, Beth, Eric, Kim, Pam, and the rest of us at GreeningRozzie

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