Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The 100 pound challenge

By Aviva Furman

There are many great reasons to eat local. Reducing your food miles and the packaging that enters the waste stream are just a few.

The Roslindale Farmer’s Market is a wonderful place to obtain fresh locally grown produce, but many home gardeners are choosing to grow their own vegetables. Just how much can a Rozzie apartment dweller grow in a Boston summer? I'll be answering that question with a 100 pound challenge.

With a sunny deck and a community garden plot, I'll be attempting to grow 100 pounds of produce this summer. Sounds like a lot? You can follow my progress on my 100 Pound Challenge blog. As of mid April, it is 2 pounds down, 98 to go. I invite other local gardeners to do their own 100 pound challenges. Let’s see how much local food the residents of Roslindale can grow.

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