Thursday, May 9, 2013

Roslindale out in force for Boston Shines

By Jeremy Bingham

On Saturday, April 27th people from across the Roslindale community and beyond gathered to support people of the community surrounding Healy Field in cleaning their streets and planting sunflowers.

As part of the days’ events, GreeningRozzie gave away around 300 sunflower seeds donated by Allandale Farm to people from the community and other participants. Each sunflower sequesters roughly 6 g of carbon dioxide. So if all the seeds are planted and grow into sunflowers that adds up to 1.8 kg!

Participants included monks, neighbours, students, city officials and local development groups. The event was organised through the combined efforts of the city, Casserly House, Habitat for Humanity, Councilman Rob Consalvo's office, Temple Viet Nam, and GreeningRozzie.  It was wonderful to see such a broad and enthusiastic group get together and work to improve the place we live. It speaks to the unique spirit of Roslindale, where the diversity of our population breeds a strong sense of cohesion instead of confrontation.

It felt so uplifting to walk the streets on Saturday and see folks from all walks of life taking the time to take care of our shared spaces and community, getting their hands dirty to keep Roslindale shining.

In the wake of the horrific events two weeks ago the mantra of the greater Boston area has been "Boston Strong", and it is these kind of collective community efforts that foster this strength.  It is events like the cleanup on Saturday that reinforce that it is far more than tragedy that bring the people of Boston together to support one another.

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