Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kids Gardening Day at the Sumner

By Celines Rodriguez

GreeningRozzie organized a “Kids Gardening Day” with the Afterschool K1 and K2 kids program of the Charles Sumner School on April 30, 2013. What a wonderful experience to teach our kids the importance of plants, flowers and trees in our community!

We planted marigold seeds and some green bean seeds in milk carton containers. These milk cartons were recycled from the kid’s daily breakfast and/or lunches. That brought us to the topic of recycling and how we can help the Earth by recycling at home.

These are just a few of the comments that the kids shared with me after our gardening day:

“Flowers need oxygen and water to grow”
“The environment needs more flowers to make it pretty and a happy place”
“Plants and trees help the earth”
“If we recycle we can save the world”
“We save money if we recycle because we use things over and over and over”
“If we don’t recycle the earth will “suck-up” the stuff we leave behind and that is not good for the earth”
“Flowers need love”
Many of them expressed their interest in gardening again in the future.

One of the things that I told the kids was that we have to love our seeds in order for them to grow, so one of the kids suggested we should sing to our seeds so they can sprout to become beautiful flowers.

As kids they see that we love them, sing to them, feed them, nourish them and so this is what they want to do to help our seeds grow. What they see from us as parents is what they will do later on, so if we take care of the environment and our community now, they will follow our example and make it a better one in the future.

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